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  A project App that collected over three thousand Shiurim, audio and video lessons of Chassidic  teachings, given and delivered by 17 rabbis from all over the world. From Israel, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Panama, Uruguay, Venezuela and more!

The initiative was taken by Rabbi David Stoler and Rabbi Eliyahu Schvartzman, of the "Sichos in Spanish" (Sijot en español) organization, with the support and encouragement of Rabbi Tzvi Grunblatt, Rabbi Osher Farkash and Rabbi Eliezer Shemtov, and was received with great excitement by thousands of Spanish speaking Jews from all over the world.

The project started only five months ago and has already reached over 50,000 (!) listenings and thousands of downloads.
The app works in an incredibly easy and organized way, with easy access to choose between Rabbis and various topics in Judaism and Hasidism.

The app is called, JasidApp  - the app for every Chosid
The app is geared for anyone who demands it, either in a simple manner  when you want to hear a Hasidic story, or to hear an in-depth lesson of Ain Beis Hemshech, Samach Vov or any other Maamar and Sicha, a lesson on this week's Torah portion, etc.

The app works in collaboration with the wonderful "Project Likkutei Sichos" project, there are weekly lessons given by Rabbi Osher Farkash, Rabbi Shmuel Geisinsky and Tuvia Schmukler,  both Sichos are translated weekly into a weekly pamphlet 

In addition, JasidApp plans to release a series of lessons that will be delivered for JasidApp, on   topics in Chassidus that are unavaible in the Spanish language, and with plans to continue growing in many areas for the Jewish Spanish speaking community.  

A look at the organization's activities

5 Class cicle throughout the month of Tishrei

Siyumim of diferent projects with the best  Rabbis of our App

A small peek into our App
Live shiurim with Rabbi Osher Farkash, and many more Rabbis

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