Want to know how it works?

The world of fundraising has undergone a revolution in the last decade, a major way today in fundraising for nonprofits is through various digital platforms.

A key part of digital platforms is the crowdfunding campaign - thanks to digital options it is easier to reach a wide audience of potential donors - even if you do not know them.

A wide range of crowdfunding projects can be set up such as a gift campaign, a goals campaign, an ambassador campaign and more.

The system provides an easy and convenient interface for donors who see the progress of the project and the progress of the donors.

Our system is easy to set up and operate, any campaign manager can at any given moment change content on the fundraising site, manage manual donations without the need to use our customer service.

With the help of our automation system you will not have to generate manual receipts, everything comes out automatically

Fundraising through the fundraiser for non-profit organizations and companies for various purposes. The system enables an easy and convenient interface for a fundraising site (including a site for managing reports and information during and after the campaign) for opening donation campaigns, generating automatic and immediate receipts for donors.

We will connect you with project management professionals, top strategists, professional graphic designers, video editors, social media promoters, unique marketing on WhatsApp, setting up Knesset rooms for the day of the campaign and everything you need for a successful campaign.

Even at the end of the fundraising days, they will be able to continue donating on the campaign page.


Characterization of the project

When choosing to go to a mass recruitment campaign, we build the nature of the campaign, examine together with you the chances of success of the campaign and decide to get started.


Preparing for airing

Together with you all the way to setting up a campaign, building together the path to success, building a marketing strategy, choosing the right tools and mobilizing all the wonders of technology to set up a successful campaign


taking off

After field work at a good time go up in the air, invest the most effort to achieve the goals and objectives we set for ourselves in building the project.


Updating the community and expressing gratitude

"Congratulations" - another fundraising campaign has reached its destination, of course do not forget to thank the donor audience for their partnership in the campaign and continue the association's activities with great success!