About Us

After successfully managing fundraising campaigns for mass fundraising projects for nonprofits and individuals, we decided to set up a platform to help raise money online for community welfare activities.

This is your project, your goal, we are here to guide , so that you can do the best there is, on the way to realizing the goal and achieving the goals.

The fundraising company brings a new and different standard to the mass fundraising market, no matter what the fundraising amount, you will know the price of the campaign in advance, we donate without surprises.

We believe in social and independent entrepreneurship that does not give up, we also help individuals or entities to fulfill dreams, it is time that you also learn to do it for the body closest to your heart as well as for realizing and fulfilling any dream that requires money, it can be an ingenious invention you develop or want to develop . Any other venture that may be of interest and benefit to the public.

When campaign costs are known and planned before launch, all campaign planning looks different with no surprises.

In addition to individuals who donate to charities, we will make sure to connect you to an organization that will manage the donations and you will be able to raise money for your cause easily without unnecessary fuss.

1,476 Campaigns
1,450,000 Donations
17,560 Supporters
800 Ambassadors

For what purpose can funds be raised?

For a private initiative

Any entrepreneur who wants to launch a product that will do good to the world, through us you can do it easily and efficiently and so you can fulfill your dream.

Medical emergency case

For any charity case that requires fundraising, medical emergencies, response to disasters and a memory campaign through us you can do easily and efficiently, all donations will be transferred to your organization or we work with it and from there you can manage the funds - according to the campaign settings


Any organization that is interested in campaigning for mass funding and increasing the amount of their donations, through our advanced platform and our latest marketing tools you can raise.