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Why us?

Your partners for grace

There is no minimum for the campaign

Any amount can be raised,
Even small sums.

Charity campaign

In special cases, a campaign can be launched Special in a grace format at no cost to the recruiter.

Accompaniment and guidance

Close accompaniment and guidance of experienced campaign managers Includes a checklist for setting up and managing a successful campaign

Shell of an association

The fundraising association can be used as a factor Intermediate / intermediary in collecting money

Complementary services

The association offers a recommended supplier bank to its customers to assist in the professional aspects of campaign production (Video, graphics, sponsored promotion and more)

Full Control

Each campaign manager has access to the independent management of the campaign page. You can change the settings on the go and update destinations, dates, content, etc.

Different types of campaigns

The system enables different types of campaigns: Groups, matching, gifts, etc.

Continue to give

A donation channel can be left open Even after the official graduation

How It Works

Types of campaigns

Gift campaign

In the gift campaign, the supporters not only support the project but also enjoy it - thanks to the gifts you will send them at the end of the campaign - of course it is possible to make several types of gifts in each campaign.

Ambassador campaign

Thanks to the ambassadors who will spread your campaign you will be able to reach a much larger target audience that you could not reach without them

Matching campaign

Through a matching campaign you can raise much more - both from the multipliers and from the many donors

Campaign goals

Through a campaign the donor goals know where their donations are going and you will know how and in what things to move forward to donate

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