Dear brothers!

Come help orphans and widows!

A holiday is supposed to be a happy day, but there are families who experience a fear of fear because they cannot provide the basic needs in honor of the holiday.

The crate they will receive from us for them is happiness.

There is no doubt that any amount you give will be for success and blessing

The Adopt A Family fund is determined to do all that we can to ensure that all families of Anash  in Israel that turn to us will have all they need for Yom Tov.

Unfortunately this task is much greater then you can imagine. Due to rapidly rising food prices and a hard year, more and more families of Anash are falling below the poverty level, and stand a big chance of shamefully coming to an empty Yom Tov table.

Please realize that the number of families we can help depends solely on your generosity.

In the merit of your generosity, may you and your family be healthy and strong, and enjoy an abundance of Parnasa. And may we all merit to see the immediate coming of Moshiach!

Please donate as generously as you can, and a bit more!

"I was left alone, I miss my father, there is no one to go to synagogue with me, no one to give me a hand, Dear brother! Are you ready to help me ?!"

"Every holiday, when all my friends go to synagogue happy, with new clothes, a shirt, pants and a suit, I go alone, sad, miss Tati, wait for him at the door ..."

We took the hard stories to the to help them.

We distribute food packages for Shabbat and holidays, help with financial support and supportive training, educational guidance and a bar mitzvah and wedding support fund,

We are there for them. So that they do not collapse.

With your help we will add chesed! Thanks to your help we can do more!


The great men of Israel Shlita promised with their blessing that everyone who helps the organization and its important activities will have a good and healthy life.


טייערע ברודער מיר שטייען אין גרויסע טעג הכנה לשבת וחג

די ערשטע הלכה איז געבען פאר עניים אויף  אונזרע ברודער אין ארץ ישראל  זענען פארשפארט אן קיין פרוטה אויף.

.בזכות די הייליגע צדקה וועט כלל ישראל ניצל ווערן פין די  און זוכה זיין צי א זמן חירותינו מיט ביאת המשיח

בזכות הצדקה  וואס וועט ווערען פארטיילט פאר עניים הגונים און אלמנות ויתומים אם אתה משמח את שלי אני משמח את שלכם

א גרינגע הכנה צים יום טוב לפום צערא אגרא ווינטשט ענקער גוטע פריינד

ונזכה לקבל את התורה מתוך שמחה

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Donation Of 72 $
In honor of Saul Nussbaum
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Brachot to all of Am Yisrael!
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לזכות חנה רבקה בת נטלי שרה כל הישועות
Donation Of 8 $
לרפואת יוסף כהן בן רגינה
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